St Ives Framed Print

by John Wilson



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Brighten your home with the radiant "St Ives" Framed Print. This stunning artwork captures the vibrant coastal scenery of St Ives, bathed in the brilliant sunlight. Perfect for adding a touch of seaside warmth and charm to any room, this framed print is a captivating addition to your décor.

  • Type: High quality Satin print
  • Frame: White beval with grain (20x24mm)
  • Theme: Coastal Scenes
  • Location: St Ives
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Framed size: 580 x 320 mm
  • Print size: 360 x 190 mm
  • Other: Arrives ready-to-hang

Former architect John works from his studio in Bedfordshire. His impressive oeuvre demonstrates a stunning attention to detail, as well as an elaborate understanding of line, form, light and shadow with an underlying fondness for Cornwall.

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