Natalie Rymer

The Riverbank Canvas

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  • The Riverbank Canvas by Natalie Rymer
  • Landscape orientation
  • Size 1150 x 950 mm
  • White edges

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Natalie Rymer

East Sussex based Natalie Rymer is instantly recognisable. Bold, rich colour, gestural brushwork and a unique take on the English landscape make her paintings particularly popular. They invite a second glance revealing hidden details and beautiful renderings of flora.

'My inspiration comes from my surroundings, living and working on the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, England. My studio has views across the Forest with its deer, cattle and sheep; scenery which has inspired artists for centuries. The changing seasons have a strong influence on my paintings as blocks of colour, patterns and shapes inviting the viewer to continually explore the landscape.

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1 Reviews


If you have a big wall to cover this is an ideal canvas, with lots of colour and an interesting subject. Looks lovely up.

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