How to make an Easter Wreath with real flowers

 Wreaths - or 'Rings' as they're known in the USA - have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They have become a wonderful decoration to incorporate into your home for all seasons. 

Inspired by the Easter Wishes Egg Wreath Card (£2.00) which features beautiful spring florals such as daffodils. We decided to create an Easter-themed Wreath. Which can be used as a centrepiece for your Easter table or can be hung on your door to welcome visitors. You can also use this tutorial to make a lovely Spring wreath for your home, they also make lovely housewarming gift.

easter wreath

Image features Easter Wishes Egg Card (£2.00) >

You will need:

- Whistlefish Easter Eggs - Print for FREE here

free easter eggs

- Woven base for your wreath, you can get one of these from most craft shops, or if you're talented enough you can make one from sticks.

- Secateurs

- Green leafy foliage - Aim to use the freshest foliage and flowers possible

- Flowers of your choice 

- Florist wire/ craft wire

- Double-sided tape



Watch the video of how we made this Easter Wreath >

1. Prepare your Whistlefish illustrated Easter eggs from the printout

2. Start with the largest-sized leafy green foliage you collected, cut stems down to approx 10cm and trim leaves toward the bottom of the stem so you can thread easily. Thread them through the woven wreath spacing the leaves out evenly to go around the whole wreath while ensuring all stems face the same direction, we went clockwise. 

3. Start cutting and placing your second-largest foliage around the wreath, it's good to pick foliage of all different varieties to get some different textures. repeat this until you have run out of foliage. Remembering to space it out evenly and leave space for your flowers.

4. You're ready to start adding flowers once all your greenery has been added to the wreath. If you have tall flowers like Hyacinths keep the stem long, if you have flowers like daffodils or roses cut this stem down to about 2cm. Space your flowers out evenly around the wreath.

Alternatively, you can thread craft wire through the flower to replace the stem so it can be tightened and help in this way.

4. Once all your flowers are added you can start to thread through your Whistlefish Easter eggs. If the wire for this is too long it can be cut down like you did with the foliage. Spread these out evenly around your wreath. 

This wreath can be used on a door or as a centrepiece for your Easter table setting.

wreath made with real flowers

Download Whistlefish Easter Eggs for free here >

How can you make a wreath stay looking fresh?

 A wreath (or 'ring' as they're known in the USA) that is made with fresh flowers doesn't often last long, some ways you can do to help it stay looking fresh are:

- Mist it with water regularly

- Keep it out of direct sunlight

- Apply an anti-desiccant wax spray 

- Use a foam wreath this holds moisture for the flowers

- When making you can make sure your stems come through the other end and can be floated in water overnight to feed the flowers

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