Mind Cornwall: Caring for the Community and Promoting Mental Health in the South West

 During June 2023 Whistlefish is donating funds to Mind Cornwall for greeting cards sold* at whistlefish.com 

This is part of the Whistlefish '1 Good Cause' campaign - supporting a different charity each month by fundraising via card sales. 

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mind cornwallAlthough being such a beautiful location in the country, a high percentage of Cornwall's residents suffer greatly with their mental health for various reasons such as isolation, lower income and higher costs of living in comparison to other places in the UK, along with other detrimental reasons.

According to a study conducted in 2017/2018 presented by healthwatchcornwall.co.uk "there were 40,886 patients with depression (QOF) and a further 1,064 patients with both depression and anxiety (according to the GP patient survey). Sixteen GP practices across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have a higher mental health prevalence rate than across England (0.9%)."

 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health

This is why charities like Mind Cornwall are here to help those who are vulnerable within the community.

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 Who are Mind Cornwall?

Mind is a national charity with around 100 Local 'Mind' charities across England and Wales. Cornwall Mind (formerly Carrick and Restormel Mind, based in Bodmin) was formed in 2019 but both Carrick and Restormel Mind have been supporting local people for many years.

"We're your local mental health charity and we're here to help. Our aim is to help people in our local communities to improve their mental health and wellbeing. We want everyone to live their best life possible. We do this by providing a range of services that focus on recovery and empower people to take control of their own well-being. With over one in four people experiencing a mental health problem in Cornwall, the need for good quality mental health support, advice and information is vital."

Their Vision

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.

Their Mission

We endeavour to prevent those who are vulnerable from developing mental health issues. We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health. We work throughout Cornwall.

How to know if someone you know might be suffering with depression >

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How the funds raised by Whistlefish will help Mind Cornwall

By purchasing Whistlefish greeting cards online during June 2023 you will be donating to Mind Cornwall's mission to improve their services and support surrounding mental health in the county. "You can be sure that all your hard work and generosity stays in Cornwall to help people struggling with mental health difficulties in our local communities."

"Your support could help someone find a way forward and know that they're not alone."

the world is brighter with you in it card

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Every donation you give to Cornwall Mind makes a huge difference to our work and every penny we receive gets spent on our well-being services to help support people in our local communities. 

Although affiliated with Mind the national charity, Cornwall Mind is an independently registered and funded charity dependent on fundraising and donations, to continue its vital work in the community.

Each year the demand for their services increases as more and more people seek support for their mental health. As a small, local charity with limited funds, this is a huge challenge. With one in four of us having a mental health problem each year – this is something we cannot ignore. We’re fighting for better mental health and with your help we can make a difference.

counselling sessionServices provided by Mind Cornwall 

Our well-being service supports people across Cornwall to help build resilience and reduce the onset of mental health problems by focusing on supporting individuals to move forward in their recovery and achieve positive outcomes.

 Our well-being service offers a range of face-to-face and online, recovery-focused groups and activities for people that are struggling with mental health difficulties.

We work with people to support them in achieving their goals and engaging in their local communities. The service also provides social contact, opportunities for friendship, and access to peer and professional support.

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How you can get support for your mental health in Cornwall

People can get support with any of our services by completing a referral form on the website cornwallmind.org

Once we receive it, we will be in touch for a chat. If people have any questions about our services, they can email info@cornwallmind.org

Mind Cornwall also offers a range of well-being groups.

“I hadn’t felt so safe or been surrounded by such friendly and understanding people in a long time.”

Peer Support Groups - Mind Cornwall — for better mental health (cornwallmind.org)

They run 5 Ways to Wellbeing Programmes across Cornwall

"I have been on this programme and found it very helpful. I was worried about meeting people but made to feel very welcome. I would strongly recommend doing this course. If you need to build confidence and build an understanding of how to help yourself"

Five Ways to Wellbeing - Mind Cornwall — for better mental health (cornwallmind.org)

We offer a range of One to One Outreach Support Projects.

One to One Outreach - Mind Cornwall — for better mental health (cornwallmind.org)

suport groupHow you can support someone who is experiencing mental health problems

Mental health challenges can arise unexpectedly, affecting individuals at any stage of life. Discover how to identify potential signs of common issues such as anxiety and depression. Follow the link below to learn more.

What to say to someone who has anxiety

How to recognise depression

How to tell if someone is lonely

You can also help by creating a supportive environment, this in turn holds the power of listening without judgment. When someone trusts you enough to open up about their emotions, it's crucial to offer a compassionate ear without passing judgment. Sometimes, all someone needs is a listening presence to unload their emotional baggage. Witness the transformative power of lending an empathetic ear and experience the weight being lifted off their shoulders.

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Ways you can help Mind Cornwall support a community in need

  • Choose Mind Cornwall as your 'Charity of the Year'
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Shop on 'Easy Fundraising'
  • Volunteering for Mind Cornwall
  • Become a Trustee
  • Take on a personal challenge and fundraise - run a marathon or do a skydive!
  • Holding fundraising event - a bake sale or a charity 5K run and choose Mind Cornwall to donate the funds raised to
  • Facebook fundraiser - Choose Mind Cornwall ( @cornwallmind ) as your birthday fundraiser
  • Share their social media posts and mention @cornwallmind in your fundraising efforts
  • Shop greeting cards from Whistlefish.com during June 2023 


* Donations on the following items are not included in the One Good Cause campaign: sale cards, card packs, luxury cards, Christmas cards or cards on promotional offers.


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