e recently visted the team at Prickles and Paws, who are one of the Whistlefish Christmas Charity partners this year, and got to understand the wonderfully caring work they provide to some of our not so furry friends!

Here’s what Katie South, charity co-founder, had to say: 

“Prickles and Paws is a registered charity. We rescue and rehabilitate wild British hedgehogs, releasing them back into the wild. We admit up to about 1300 hedgehogs a year now, which is an incredible feat, considering that we are currently doing it from my parents back garden.

We're super excited, we're actually working a fundraising towards building purpose-built premises, which will allow us to become one of the largest hedgehog rescues in the southwest.

 We've been consistently over 110 throughout the summer. Our capacity on site is about 90 to 100. It depends because we obviously have different types of accommodation, from incubators to hutches, so it really depends on Hedgehog's individual needs.

When they first come in, quite often they're found out during the day, which is unusual for a nocturnal animal and normally a sign that something's wrong. So we've seen an awful lot of netting entanglements this year, entrapment cases, RTAs, lots of trauma cases and lots of, sadly, human related cases and cases that could be avoided.

We desperately need to move. We just don't have the capacity here. But it's so exciting, it's going to open so many doors for us. There'll be lots happening in the next sort of six months; lots of promotion, lots of different campaigns that people can get involved with and support, and we're constantly taking on volunteers.

There's lots of stuff on our website, gift items, sponsorship - there's so many ways that people can get evolved from donating newspaper to donating towards our build.”


To understand more about this great cause you can visit them at the Prickles and paws website

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