Lamb-O-Ghini Card

by Whistlefish

175 Reviews

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Lamb-O-Ghini humorous greeting card by Gerry Plumb. This funny card is part of a unique collection by Gerry that is suitable for any occasion. The design is sure to make the recipient laugh and the superb quality of this card makes a true gift in itself.

  • Lamb-O-Ghini Card by Gerry Plumb
  • Blank inside for a personal message
  • Square - 158 x 158 mm
  • Printed in the UK - FSC certified
  • Individually packaged with white envelope

Designed by our in-studio artists based in Cornwall UK. Each artist boasts their own unique talent in medium and style, creating a diverse set of art that you can't find anywhere else.

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4.90 Average

175 Reviews

Julie W

I I Love the multi card offers and have already sent this to a 17 year old for her birthday and good luck with her driving lessons

Amanda R


Amanda P

Sue F

Brilliant All ages !

Carole F

Made our car mad friend laugh.

Fran H

Great to find a humourous card for a male that doesn't have sport or beer on it!

David R

Carole F

Friend loved this card, made him smile.

Faith M

Jo B




Fun for adults & children .

Julie P

What a fun card, really made me smile. Great design and artwork...will definitely buy more.

Janet S

Grandson has high hopes of owning such a car one day! He loved this card

Gwen G

Excellent quality great card for a man

Jacqueline A

Susan G

Funny without being rude, a rare quality

Mrs. A

Good humour card.

Delia C

Lynne S

Rosalyn D

I rarely buy amusing cards but this one the one below made me smile

Jo B

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Made me smile - always hard to find cards for men, this was perfect.

Sue J

Lovely funny card, great quality and value.



Appropriate for car lovers. My daughter had forgotten to get a card, so I let her have this one.

Sue J

Have sent this to all my car crazy friends!


Lovely card. Not wordy. Grandson will love it

kathy b

Lovely design


Lovely card. Not wordy. Grandson will love it