Tree Planting Donation

by Whistlefish

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We decided to take action to offset the cost to the environment that results from our use of this wonderful natural resource, and plant more than enough trees to cover our paper use.

We have teamed up with the wonderful team at Plant 1 Cornwall to plant trees in Cornish soil. We have targeted to plant over 1000 trees in Cornwall.

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26 Reviews

Helen P

Joanne M

Love this idea.

Karen Y

Very very good cause..

Jeannetta Y


Lynette H

Good idea

Sally L

It's a brilliant way to help replace trees and I wholeheartedly support it. Well done Whistlewish. A great company!

Heather M

Great idea..keeping our trees safe!

Christine T

Brilliant idea

Susan M

Jane S

Totally worth doing given the excellent offers from Whistlefish.

Jenny R

Good idea

Melanie W

Gillian B

So important to plant many trees to support the environment.

Diana B

Very good idea. Trees give life to the world

Valerie W

Penny R



Susan E

I am very pleased to donate to TREE01 as it is SUCH a necessary action to be taken.

Brigitte H

Such brilliant idea

Anne P

Great to be able to do this so easily

Emma R

I love the fact that you can donate to plant a tree to help carbon footprint, and help to replace the trees that are used.

Ruth P

A worth while cause

Shannon P

Gillian W

Nice card

Lee H

Excellent idea. The World needs more trees!

Debbie M

Very good idea hopefully everyone will donate Maybe a little map on your website to show where the trees are being planted