Woodland Creation Contribution

by Whistlefish

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We recognise that paper is the main resource that we use in our business and without it, we wouldn’t be able to bring our vision and creations to life for you all to see.

Paper comes from trees which are an important resource; they help us breathe, they help us relax, they connect us with nature and provide a fantastic ecosystem for animals, insects and other wildlife.

At Whistlefish, we decided to take action and give back to the local woodlands without, we wouldn’t have the lovely artwork we provide! We decided to sustain this wonderful natural resource by replanting woodlands in our home county, ensuring the paper we use will still be available in the future!

We have teamed up with the wonderful people at Plant One who create Celtic rainforests and other woodland habitats in Cornish soil. Since 2022, we’ve helped to re-establish the equivalent of 3ha of woodland in this exceptionally denuded county.

As part of our Woodland Creation Contributions, we’re asking you, our lovely customers, if you want to get involved and donate to the Cornish woodland creation campaign to boost the canopy cover of the Duchy. This way, by simply adding a pound to your order, you can help be part of a legacy that’ll benefit the county for decades to come.

Learn more about our Woodland Partnership:     Restoring the Celtic Rainforest

4.95 Average

104 Reviews

Gay W

The world needs trees more than ever. They are the world's lungs.

Iris S

A very very important project.

Gay W

Trees are our world's lungs. We need them more than ever.

Philippa W

It’s a lovely idea. Putting something back.

Gay W

Trees are the lungs of our world. They have never been more needed!


Thank you for offering the opportunity to make a small donation to such a good cause.

Deirdre D

Love this

Mark B

What a great idea - well done Whistlefish

Eileen D

Sue H

So great to contribute to such a good cause

Frances E

Great idea. Happy to donate to such a good cause.

Janet N

Valerie W

A good idea. Trees are so important to our lives.


Great idea!

Yvonne M

A great idea for £1.

Karen Q

We need to give back to nature and the environment for the future benefit of the planet. Lovely idea and happy to donate.

Karen B

I love donating for the tree planting scheme.Trees should be replaced,life would be very sad without trees.

Jayne E

Good idea for the planet

Susan C


Good quality

Gay W

Really believe in planting more trees nationally, indeed, globally.


This a laudable idea. I can only say that as I have no evidence of what happens after donation.


Very good idea.

Angie F

Just a lovely idea and a positive thing to be able to add to the order.

Mary K

I ordered this and several other designs this year and I was delighted with them all. They are excellent quality and really good value for money

Gay W

Always willing to add to tree planting.

Nicola C

Great idea

Brenda R

Maureen W


Excellent idea, we all need trees.