A local's guide to Cornwall

Summer 2022 is on our doorstep and there's nothing like exploring Cornwall like a local. With so many fantastic locations to visit in the South West you're almost spoilt for choice as to where to spend the day.

We asked the Whistlefish team, if they had to put a finger on the map, where their favourite spots in the South West were to explore and here's what they said...


"One of my favourite places is Port Issac, I love it there as its a beautiful, traditional Cornish fishing village and having been there many times with my family it holds a lot of fond memories for me.

Top Tip: Get there early as parking can be a nightmare! It's a also so many great photo opportunities there as the scenery is so stunning"

- Team member, Lynette


"I love Falmouth. It feels like such a treat living in a vibrant town that also has beaches. My favourite thing though is to head out of town and take the coast path towards the Helford River, you’ll find so many little hidden beaches that are really quiet such as Bream Cove, Sunny Cove (watch out for nudists!) and Cows Beach just past Rosemullion head.

Top tip: The snorkelling off Castle Beach is easy and excellent when the visibility is good, usually when it’s not been raining or windy. Don your wetsuit and you’ll find wrasse, jellyfish, starfish, mackerel and crabs, I’ve even seen seals and cuttlefish whilst diving! If you want to stay above the surface, the rock pools are also plentiful at low tide."

- Team member, Emma



"I love St. Agnes Coastal path near Chapel Porth beach it has amazing views all of the coastline and tin mines.

Top tip: Wear sensible shoes, bring coins because the car park at Chapel Porth doesn’t take card The Cafe hatch at Chapel Porth car park also does amazing ice creams!" 

- Team member, Catherine


St. Michael’s Mount / Marazion.

"The first time I went to Marazion it blew me away, the long sandy beaches with a mysterious stone path. The path parts the sea and leads up to a magnificent historic castle on an island, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Not only was the castle itself mesmerising but the views were breath-taking! Both the views from St. Michael’s Mount and Marazion never fail to amaze me, I’m blown away every time I visit. A beautiful castle in the middle of the sea, what’s not to love?!

A top tip: Make sure you check tide times if you want to use the charming path. There’s a LOT of steps on the walk up to the castle itself, so don’t be afraid to take your time and admire the beautiful views!"

- Team member, Miki



"I love Sennen / Gwynver and surrounding areas, because it’s so unspoilt, I have been going there for the past 30 years and it hasn’t changed much at all, the sea is a beautiful colour and I feel like the sun is always shining. I’ve seen loads of dolphins, seals, and basking sharks over the years. The sea is always cold, but I love a cold dip."

- Team member, Lindsey



"One of my favourite Cornish locations in St. Ives. I usually prefer the quieter out of season months exploring the town, but on a bright summer day, I love to take the branch line into St Ives - probably the most beautiful train ride in the country. The line follows the St Ives bay coast path offering spectacular coastal views of Hayle Towans and Carbis Bay before arriving in the town."
- Team member, Dan



"Growing up in Newquay, Tolcarne beach was always my parents favourite choice of beach to take us to as kids, there is a massive beach and a cove of many rock pools to explore. (And one of the few beaches at the time with food and toilet facilities!)

A fantastic walk across the coastline which I love is walking from Tolcarne to Newquay harbour along the sand, you cross over Great Western beach to Towan and up the harbour wall stairs over the rocks. This way you can view other coves and bays that aren’t accessible from the cliff top above.

Top tip for this walk: check the tide times to avoid needing to be rescued by the RNLI!"

- Team member, Sam



"I love Perranporth, when the tide is right out because you get a really beautiful long walk  across the beach. You can witness the most incredible sunsets against Chapel Rock which is situated in the middle of the main beach.

There's also a tidal pool you can easily access for cold water swimming."

- Team member, Maria

You can explore Cornwall through our new range of map designs, celebrating the little things that make the south west extraordinary and varied.

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