Classic Cornish Brands: Organic Trevarno

Here at Whistlefish we are immensely proud of our Cornish roots and our passion for the Duchy flows through all aspects of our business. From our art being hand framed in our Redruth workshop to our cards being printed by our friends at St Austell Print, we love to try to keep things as Cornish as possible and support the economy of our unique and wonderful county. 

We work with a number of other Cornish brands and thought it would be great to create a collection of blogs that delve into these classic Cornish companies in more detail. Today we are talking skincare with our current competition partners, Organic Trevarno.


Originally established in 1998, Organic Trevarno was based on the stunning Trevarno country estate situated in the South of Cornwall. The estate was already home to the long established craft of traditional soap making, something that was not uncommon on privately owned estates throughout the years, and Trevarno's soaps proved to be very popular and successful. With the estate's stunning gardens proving a constant source of inspiration, Trevarno's honest and simple collection of products soon expanded from soaps into a variety of other skincare products. 

Sadly in 2012 the estate gardens were sold and closed to the public. At this point Organic Trevarno re-located to another part of the original Trevarno estate, thereby maintaining their strong links with the area. They are currently based at Trevarno farm, where all of their formulations are designed and made by hand by their small but dedicated team.

The boathouse at the Trevarno Estate

The Organic Connection

Organic Trevarno are proud to be the first beauty company to meet The Organic Farmers & Growers strict standards to gain formal Organic Certification. This official recognition with Britain’s longest established organic certifying body guarantees the purity of the Organic Trevarno range and assures customers that products are both ethical and sustainable. With organic certification being the only way to ensure that products are as pure and natural as possible, Organic Trevarno work hard in sourcing the highest quality, socially just and ecologically responsible suppliers of ingredients for their skincare range.

This responsible sourcing is combined with a competitive pricing structure which means customers no longer need to sacrifice or compromise luxury, style or affordability in choosing the natural skincare option. 


Why Organic?

Quite simply Trevarno think it’s better for them, their families & the environment.

Over the last 10 years just think about how we have changed the way we live and spend – we recycle, use unleaded fuel & energy saving light bulbs, stopped using plastic bags, become more conscious of our individual “carbon footprint” and generally tried to be more “green”.

As people now care more about what is happening around them, we also think more about what we are consuming ourselves & taking into our bodies, and this has fuelled the growth in the organic movement.

Awareness of environmental and water pollution created by poisons & pesticides often used in farming has created a demand for organic food, now widely available & increasingly understood. By buying organic, Trevarno are also promoting more ecological farming practices that encourage the protection of the environment.

Trevarno believe now is the time to re-think what we are putting on our skin each day.

The Collections

Organic Trevarno have developed a fabulous range of organic products to create focused collections for your family and your home.

For Your Face, Hands and Body – products made with the highest quality organic ingredients using luxurious and irresistible scent combinations that are designed to be loved and used every day.

For Men – products created and refined especially for the needs of male skin with wonderfully uplifting and distinctly masculine scents. 

For Baby – developed specially with sensitive young skin in mind, our baby products are packed with ultra-kind and gentle organic ingredients.

For Extra Care - pure but powerful, our range of organic balms each focus on treating troubled and sensitive skin without causing irritation.

For Your Home - beautifully scented room mists, delicately fragranced linen waters along with indulgent and irresistible hand washes designed to create a luxurious ambience in your home.

For Your Wedding – organic favours made in miniature to add an individual touch to your wedding.

Organic Spa Collection - our spa collection is at the heart of the Organic Trevarno product range which has been refined to encompass the essential salon requirements. 

Organic and Natural Guest Toiletries - luxury guest toiletries include travel-sized soaps, bath oils & salts, shower gels, hand and body lotions to suit all establishments from small B&B’s to larger boutique hotels and high-end self-catered properties.

You can view the full Organic Trevarno range of products at their website -



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