Embrace Cornwall's fishing heritage with our vibrant lobster and mackerel tableware

Elevate your summer picnic spread this year with the effortlessly trendy, yet traditional Salt Water Collection. 

The ocean that surrounds Cornwall is abundant with the freshest catch, particularly the savoury mackerel and lobster that can be prepared to perfection on a summer BBQ. So come and savour the flavours of Cornwall, where the love story of fishing continues to unfold.

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Create a rustic coastal feel in your home with these Cornish sea-life patterned wooden salad bowls, chopping board and serving tray, all made with sustainable mango wood. 

The lobsters and mackerel from the Salt Water kitchenware range have been created in vibrant colours to bring beauty to your tableware collection and to celebrate the traditional fishing villages of Cornwall in a modern style.

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The rich and storied history of lobster fishing in Cornwall, UK is a timeless saga. For centuries, fishermen have braved the rugged coastline and clear waters in pursuit of the prized catch. Using lobster pots, they carefully set their traps along the coast and return days later to retrieve their bounty. With strict regulations in place to protect the local lobster population, the fishermen adhere to quotas and size limits, ensuring the sustainability of their industry. The sweet and succulent meat of the local lobster is highly sought-after by the culinary world, making it an integral part of the Cornish culture and economy.

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From the sea to the shore, introduce the Salt Water Collection into your home this summer. Compliment your kitchen and dining table with wooden tableware, perfect for those lighter summer evening meals.

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This Lobster patterned chopping board is a lovely and unique item to have to hand in the kitchen or in the dining room. Present dinner guests with a starter of fresh crusty bread, cheeses and cold meats on this decorative and unique mango wood chopping board. It also comes with a useful rope hanger so it can be hung neatly and displayed when not in use.

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This nut bowl is great for small 'picky bits in the garden' such as nuts, olives, and small pieces of cheese. These wooden ramekins are also fantastic to use to neatly hold condiments on the dining table and are a beautiful way of serving individual portions of side dishes such as mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, and baked beans.

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Entice guests with a perfectly presented seafood platter or antipasti offered on this large wooden tray. A big plate like this is perfect for a summer dinner party if you love to host family-style dining and buffets in the warmer months. 

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Serve delicious summer salads in style in this large bowl with matching serving spoons. But you don't have to stop at salads, this salad bowl has many other uses, you can add pasta dishes to it or mashed potatoes for the family or guests to serve their own portions. This bowl is a great statement piece in any kitchen or dining area so be sure to leave it on display whenever it's not being used.

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Fishing in Cornwall

The tale of fishing in Cornwall is a love story as old as time, one that has been etched into the very soul of the county's culture and traditions for centuries. From the rugged cliffs of Land's End to the tranquil waters of St Ives Bay, the brave and daring fishermen of Cornwall have ventured into the depths of the sea, risking everything to bring in a bountiful catch.

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Their journey was not an easy one, as they battled the harsh elements of the sea, including the unpredictable weather, perilous rocks, and monstrous waves that could easily capsize their vessels. However, their love for the ocean and their families was greater than their fear, and they persisted in their pursuit of the sea's treasures.

As time passed, the art of fishing in Cornwall transformed, with new techniques and innovations being developed to make it safer and more efficient. The pilchard industry brought great prosperity to the county in the 16th century, and the Cornish fishermen became known for their unparalleled ability to catch and preserve these oily fish. 

Mackerel fishing is another important aspect of Cornwall's fishing industry. It has become an increasingly popular tourist activity, as visitors flock to the region to experience the thrill of catching their own fish. Fishing for mackerel has become an important part of Cornwall's tourism industry, offering visitors a unique and memorable experience while supporting the local economy and preserving the rich cultural heritage.

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By the 19th century, fishing had become an essential part of the local economy, sustaining thousands of families and providing a much-needed source of food for the community. However, as demand grew, overfishing became a significant issue, leading to the depletion of stocks.

Despite facing new challenges today, from the effects of climate change to the regulations imposed by the European Union, the passion of the Cornish fisherman remains unbreakable. They continue to brave the sea's ever-changing tides, keeping alive the customs and heritage that have been handed down through generations.

Bring the seaside home with more coastal homewares from the Salt Water Collection.

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