Unique Canvas Art For Your Home

Deciding what piece of art to have in your home can be difficult, especially when there's so many different styles to choose from. Selecting a piece that is well suited to your style as well as being unique is key to success.

Canvas prints are a great way to decorate your walls. We print our canvases in our Cornish framing factory on premium satin for the best reproduction of original art work. This type of canvas is extremely high quality, long lasting and creates museum quality reproductions of original artwork.


1. Canvas Art for a minimal home

    This stunning large canvas by Iris Clelford titled Mist on the Moor (£170) is a beautiful contrasting piece of artwork that would suit a home styled with clean lines and neutral furnishings, due to minimal yet bold colour palette. It's certainly a stylish and modern piece.




    2. Canvas Art for a coastal home

    A home with a laid back, coastal vibe is the perfect place to relax and unwind, which is why this style of interior is so popular. By setting the bright, turquoise Cornish ocean against neutral painted walls, you too can feel tranquil. This framed canvas (£185) depicting Padstow is by talented land and seascape artist Georgie Harrison. 




    3. Canvas Art for a contemporary home

    If you like remodelling on a regular basis to stay fresh with modern interior trends, this bold statement piece - Highland Cow by Buster Fisher (£115) - is definitely eye catching and just what every fashionable home needs. Buster Fisher specialises in striking animal portraits, you can discover his range here.



    4. Abstract Canvas Art

    Abstract art is an expression of shapes and gestures within a painting that can capture emotion, rather than just a particular place, object or person. This piece is called 'Coastal Dawn' (£195), expressing the slow, calm rise of the sun over a grey ocean with glimpse of colour. A great piece for a living room that will make guests stop, look and consider. 




    5. Floral Canvas Art

    Sue Fenlon is an extraordinarily talented artist who mainly focuses on flowers in her paintings, generally keeping to a palette of pastel shades. These pieces bring a sense of joy if you feel like your home needs a happy little uplift. 'Pastel Blooms' (£85).




    6. Multiple Canvases 

    Displaying a collection of images by the same artist next to one another creates a gorgeous curated gallery style. A winner on larger walls where a single canvas doesn't fill enough place.

    This collection of botanical pantings by Gill Barrett are created using alcoholic ink, Barrett said she loves the way the ink moves, it's unpredictable and it can make paintings look really unique.



    7. Landscape Framed Canvas Art

    Framed canvases, such as 'Wild Poppies' (£155) by Iris Clelford, are an increasingly popular way of displaying canvases. Some people consider unframed art as being incomplete, the frame finishes off the art and hides the edges of the canvas. All Whistlefish frames are made from FSC sustainable certified wood for the eco-conscious household, available in a variety of finishes to tie in with your furnishings.






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