5 top tips for a Summer Wedding in Cornwall with Amanda Polpier

Wedding season is here and we can’t wait to get out our summer frocks and fascinators to join our loved ones on their special day. Who better to give us their insight on the best ways to celebrate such a momentous occasion in Cornwall this Summer, then Amanda, creator of wedding venue Polpier & Penpol.

Over to you Amanda…

We’ve been holding weddings at Polpier for nearly five years and are thrilled to have welcomed so many couples from not only Cornwall and Britain but worldwide.  We love that they don’t just want a wedding day but to celebrate into the night and  have their friends and family join them for a couple of days of celebration.

Brides to be:

Remember the most important aspect of your wedding day is who you are marrying. Of course you want the occasion to be perfect, but marriage is – hopefully – for life and not just a reception.


The wedding couple will have gone to vast effort and expense to lay on a special day and your job is a good guest is to enjoy yourself and be friendly to everyone.

Cornwall as a location:

Summer weddings are very popular but the weather can never be guaranteed so make alternative plans for your event to be both outside and inside. And remember that Cornwall’s mild climate means that the county is surprisingly lovely all year. We’ve had breakfast on the terrace in February.


A controversial area as increasingly couples ask guests to contribute to their honeymoon or even the wedding rather than buying china from a traditional department store wedding list. From the couples’ point of view, ask for what you want and accept there is always someone who thinks they know better and will go off list.

What to write in a card?:

Wedding day cards will be kept and treasured forever, so how do you get your message just right – go for a message  of love to the couple and happiness about their wedding. Never, ever refer to their previous partners or have dirty jokes. They may wish to show these cards to their children one day.

This stunning photography is by Toby Lowe

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