Classic Cornish Brands: The Cornish Larder Company

As part of our wonderful Cornish Food Hampers, we are delighted to include a number of delicious products from The Cornish Larder Company. Give your sandwich a boost or add a twist to your grilled cheese with their bright bold chutneys and relishes. Or flavour frostings, swirl into yoghurt and stuff your French toast with their tongue-tingling jams and marmalades.

We had a quick chat with the young founder about all things Cornish Larder and Kernow.Hamper box showing Cornish Larder produce

Founded in 2018 by Cornish chef Jake Kendall, he uses a combination of fresh local produce and local Cornish brands to create a combination sensation in the form of jams, chutneys, marmalades and relishes. With an aim to bring Cornwall’s food and drink scene together in harmony, from local strawberry growers to large national gin producers, a jar from the Cornish Larder Company will take you on a complete culinary tour of the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Where did your love for preserves come from?

I would say that it all stems from a love of Cornish ingredients, and preserves are a delicious way to showcase these. What better way to make the most of fresh Cornish strawberries than to combine them with a world-champion gin, distilled on the north coast of Cornwall, to produce a unique and delicious jam!?

 Strawberry jam with Tarquins on a wooden table decorated with bright red strawberries

Can you tell us a bit about your brand’s journey and mission?

The Cornish Larder isn’t just about selling to shops, we also want to offer mouth-watering experiences. There are so many unique companies within Cornwall that it’s hard to combine them all into our selection of jars. This is why we've also created ‘Taste of Cornwall’. Again, utilising Jake’s culinary expertise, we host intimate supper clubs in which we take the finest produce found at local farmers markets and delis and create a 3-course menu. We introduce people to new producers that they perhaps wouldn't find in large supermarket chains. Everything we do always relates back to our core vision; to celebrate Cornish food and drink.


Can you describe your role at The Cornish Larder Company and your food philosophy? What are you up to day-to-day?

You will normally find one of us hanging out at either a farmer’s market or a food festival. For food and drink producers, these kind of events are ideal opportunities to test new flavours, meet and chat with potential customers and for us, in particular, discover new and delicious products to utilise creatively in our own products and ‘Taste of Cornwall’ events.


Can you tell us about your approach to food? Where do you begin when you’re making a new product?

Every one of our preserve flavours has a story and inspiration of their own. Our Beetroot Relish with Cornish Mead, for example, started when we stumbled upon a slightly old fashioned bottle of mead in a Cornish deli. Upon getting home and having a taste we were surprised to pick up sweet, earthy tones, that in turn reminded us strongly of beetroot, and thus the beetroot and meed flavour combination sensation was created.

Jake Kendall preparing food in the kitchen in chef whites

What’s your personal favourite product from your range?

My personal favourite product within our range is the Tomato, Chilli & Dead Man’s Fingers Rum relish. I use this relish so much when cooking at home!


Do you have any recipe ideas that incorporate your products?

Pop a few spoonfuls of our Tomato, Chilli & Dead Man’s Fingers Rum Relish into your next bolognese sauce to add even more life and bite to your spag bowl. Or up your bangers-and-mash game by adding a generous dollop of our Caramelised Onion Chutney with Keltek King Ale to your gravy, it’ll make it unforgettable.


What do you love most about Cornwall?

Having grown up in Cornwall and spending most weekends at the beach, Cornwall will always be home. I personally love both coasts, whether I’m surfing along the north coast or kayaking on the south!


What are your favourite places in Cornwall?

My favourite one spot in Cornwall is where me and my partner currently live, Newquay. You’ll probably find me most weekends not too far from Fistral beach!


Can you name a few of your favourite Cornish brands?

I personally love businesses that scream about similar messages as we do; that celebrate Cornwall and its local produce! Cornish brands that instantly come to mind are Tarquin’s, who constantly celebrate their Cornish heritage on the north coast, and similarly, Trewithen Dairy, who proudly sponsor local food and agricultural shows and beach cleans!

Cornish Larder product with Tarquin's gin bottle, styled against a wooden wall

What do you think about the concept of shopping local?

This is the philosophy of our entire business. Whether it’s us as a company shopping local for our ingredients to use within our preserves, or creating a menu using products you’d find within a Cornish deli at one of our ‘Taste of Cornwall’ events. The message remains the same; promoting local shopping and supporting local producers.


Curious about The Cornish Larder's 'Taste of Cornwall' Events? Check out their next Christmas experience online. 

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