Floral Styling with Appleyard London

With Chelsea Flower Show well underway and inspiring showcases of flowers on display, we turn to Appleyard London's head florist Lauren Probert, to share her expertise on how she would add the finishing floral touch to each of these four home styles, featuring Whistlefish artwork. Plus, Lauren shares bitezie top tips on what you should consider when styling your home with both art and flowers.

St Ives

For this St Ives interior I would pair our bouquet of English scented stocks, the simple single line design of the bouquet accents the simple interior. Choosing a one type stem bouquet in a variety of hues or purple and lilac blends beautifully with the seaside tote and Hannah Cole painting and adds a wonderful scent to the room.  

Floral top tips:

- choose simple single line designed bouquet

- hews of purple/lilac to blend with interior

- scented flowers would add a lovely welcome

The cool blue hues of this interior pair perfectly with our Bluebelle bouquet, the blue Agapanthus stems blend harmoniously with the decor and the avalanche roses match the purity of the white walls. Lilies within the Bluebelle bouquet will give off a luscious scent that with blend with the sea air to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Floral top tips:

- add blue agapanthus to compliment cool blue hues of the interior

- lilies are great for a touch of scent

- avalanche roses will match the purity of white walls

To accent the cool oatmeal interior of this room I would choose our Peony Meadow bouquet. The blend of cafe germini and lemon freesia would complement the soft yellow and nude hues within the room. The peonies will add a beautiful summer scent while the miss piggy roses bring out the morning dawn within this sunset painting by Iris Clelford. 

Floral top tips:

- blend cafe germini and lemon freesia to compliment soft yellow and cool oatmeal interiors

- add peonies for scent

- miss piggy roses will bring out the morning dawn in the beautiful painting

For the dining room I believe our Lemon Garden Rose bouquet would be a beautiful addition. The veronica & tanacetum single vegmo mirror the beach style interior whilst the greenbell accentuates a seagrass vibe. Our bright lemon garden rose adds an english garden feel and brings out the yellow accents within the simple decor.

Floral top tips:

- Veronica & tanacetum single vegmo to mirror the beach style of interior

- Roses to give that English garden feel

- Green bell for that Seagrass vibe

To see more from our Appleyard London & Whistlefish collaboration at Chelsea Flower Show, see our social channels.  


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